Perfect Shoes for Men on the Wedding Day

Men are often not strictly choosy about their shoes unlike women who do not mind spending half of the day looking for that perfect pump or stiletto. However, wedding day is a completely different ball game where men also wish to look their best and given a tight competition to the bride. Therefore, those glued loafers or fade Oxfords won’t do. A new and flawless shoe fitting the ensemble is required. Choose among the wide range of Italian handmade shoes for men which will suit your outfit for your wedding day.

Perfect Shoes for Men on the Wedding Day

Sartorially speaking, black and brown are the color options for men in terms of shoes for wedding day. Except navy colored suit every other goes really well with black especially if you have chosen a tuxedo. Also you have to consider wearing it throughout the day; choose wisely. A brown shoe is best to match the navy blue suit, however, keep in mind that the brown should not be a really light shade. This ensemble has a country chic element to it which some men can carry properly. Compromising on the quality is out of question.

A man’s wardrobe generally consists of 4 types of shoes which are considered classic. Sometimes, there are subtle changes to the design but they are largely the same. Oxfords are the closed lacing shoes which are the cleanest and most formal among handmade leather shoes. These are ultimate classics that can save you on any occasion and your wedding day is also not an exception.

The Derby is a variation of the Oxford with open lacing and scores high on the formal quotient. Though originally made for the purpose of hunting, Derbies with subtle changes have been accepted as formal shoes for various occasions. If you really are a Derby lover, definitely go for the black handmade leather Derby shoe leave out any other color.

Perfect Shoes for Men on the Wedding Day

Next is the monk strap or fondly known as monk. Though these handmade leather shoes bear no resemblance to what monks wore, they are rather high on the scale for formal wears. The best part is, along with appearing suave; monks can be adjusted to suit the width of your heels with the help of straps and buckles that run on top of the shoes. Both the single and double monk straps look formal and perfect for wedding day ensemble. There are more to monks than just business meetings; you have every chance to discover it on your wedding day.

Choosing Italian loafers is also good idea as long as you can avoid a casual looking one for your wedding day. Search a little and you will definitely find a handmade leather shoe more elegant than the other ones. These slip-ons are comfortable and also uncompromising on fashion quotient.

Last but not the least you can order a bespoke handmade leather shoe from Emillo Santo, the shoe specialist for your wedding day. At Emillo Santo the manufacturers understand the jitters of grooms before wedding day and also the fact that men are not fashion experts. Here, you will get expert views and a fantastic tailor made shoe to look your best on wedding day.