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  • Be the Coolest Dude with Monk Straps

    If you wish to be the coolest dude or the most stylish man in the bunch, you have to pay attention to your wardrobe details. Most men think about dressing up the bigger parts of their body like torso and legs but forget all about their feet. However, it is this attention to details that sets apart a stylish man from a regular one. When you need to create an impression nothing works like monk straps because they are stylish, sophisticated, and comfortable. Their glossy look and flawless finish gives you an air of authority in a meeting or makes you the alpha male of an informal gathering. If you own the Italian variety, it is the best.

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  • Did You Know that Loafers had an Amazing History?

    Loafer slip-ons are a fashion institution in itself because no other shoe have been through so much and does not have an illustrious history like these do. There was the basic loafer made in 1936 and then there have been spins on loafers and there have been handmade leather loafers for men oozing style and class. Most of us love wearing loafers because apart from being classy they are comfortable too but how many of us really know the history of loafers? Continue reading

  • Look formal but not boring in Office Shoes

    The office workplace is one of the most important places that a professional needs to go on a regular basis and therefore it is of no surprise that choosing the right office attire is critical to one’s professional success. Different kinds of office environments exist, and they all have their specific dress codes. While some offices are more strict as regards to the dress code Continue reading

  • Want to Look Like Your Favorite Celeb? Choose Correct Shoes

    Celebrities are an important part of popular culture and it is needless to say that they influence social trends in more ways than one. For this reason, plenty of men and women love to dress and look like their favorite celebs for various social occasions. Most people only focus on getting the best stylish clothes in order to appear like the celebrities that they admire. However, in order to really look like your favorite celebs, you need to choose the correct shoes that blend well with your clothes and the rest of your personality.

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  • Try a Different Look this Christmas

    Christmas is that time of the year when friends and family get together and share a lot of love and joy with each other. This special occasion is made even more memorable with the sharing of gifts Continue reading

  • Custom Made Stylish Shoes - Personality Enhancer

    Shoes are one of the most important fashion accessories that any man should invest on wisely and generously. Even if you have great clothes to flaunt your personality, you will never be able to hit the high chord without the right kind of shoes Continue reading

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