Italian handmade shoes

  • Handmade Classic Loafers for Men - Perfect for Every Occasion

    A very large number of men have a strong bond with the shoes they wear. Almost every shoe has its significance in a guy's closet. Just like many other accessories or clothing, shoes have always been crafted to tell a story. The various pairs made back then were created with a different style of lacing, yet stylish in design. The study of various types of shoes has gotten so important. After a lot of intense research by shoemakers, today the manufacturing of handmade classic loafers have been welcomed and appreciated by all owing to its high quality and value.

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  • 5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Custom Handmade Shoes

    We share a very personal and interesting relationship with our shoes and selecting a pair of shoes is like choosing a friend. So, we always want the best for ourselves. In this regard, nothing can be more comforting and understanding than a custom handmade shoe Continue reading

  • Clean, Polish, Store, Protect Your Leather Shoes

    Shoes are one of your best companions and you have to take care of them if you really wish to enjoy their company for many years. Leather shoes especially need lot of care and attention and they deserve it too. To retain the gorgeous and lustrous look of leather, Continue reading

  • Perfect Shoes for Men on the Wedding Day

    Men are often not strictly choosy about their shoes unlike women who do not mind spending half of the day looking for that perfect pump or stiletto. However, wedding day is a completely different ball game where men also wish to look their best and given a tight competition to the bride. Therefore, those glued loafers or fade Oxfords won’t do. A new and flawless shoe fitting the ensemble is required. Choose among the wide range of Italian handmade shoes for men which will suit your outfit for your wedding day. Continue reading

  • Want to Look Like Your Favorite Celeb? Choose Correct Shoes

    Celebrities are an important part of popular culture and it is needless to say that they influence social trends in more ways than one. For this reason, plenty of men and women love to dress and look like their favorite celebs for various social occasions. Most people only focus on getting the best stylish clothes in order to appear like the celebrities that they admire. However, in order to really look like your favorite celebs, you need to choose the correct shoes that blend well with your clothes and the rest of your personality.

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  • Custom Made Stylish Shoes - Personality Enhancer

    Shoes are one of the most important fashion accessories that any man should invest on wisely and generously. Even if you have great clothes to flaunt your personality, you will never be able to hit the high chord without the right kind of shoes Continue reading

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