Complete Style Guide for Handmade Men Shoes

Shoes are just a piece of clothing that we cannot do without. Wristwatches shunned, hats can be rejected, but shoes are a necessity. Anyway, despite this, many men chose to continue to show off fashionable convention with their footwear selections, and not just through the fame of socks with sandals.

There are different historical and community factors for this. Many men basically don’t care about fashion, and there is actually nothing bad with that. If you want to go with fashion this is the shoe style guide for you.

The Oxford shoe

The oxford is the most timeless and basis of the dress shoe, and a remarkable beginning point if you are looking for a classic staple. The shoe is featured by its facing being stitched on under closed lacing or vamp. The facing placement gives a slim silhouette that grips the foot contour. The oxford is one of the most famous in handmade shoes for men due to its minimalist appeal and capability to go with just about everything. For general regular use, stick to a black standard or dark brown leather pair, while if you will be pairing them with a tux, a patent pair of leather will fit the best.


The Derby Shoe

The derby shoe, also called as the Blucher or the Gibson, were actually intended as a hunting and sporting boot in the 1850s. At begin of 20th century, derbies start to be ample footwear to wear into town. Derbies are frequently miscategorized as oxfords, as their shape is extremely similar and their differences are extremely slight. Though not clear upon initial glance, the difference lies in the facing placement. The famous shoe has stitched style on peak of the vamp as different to an oxford shoe with its tabs stitched on in the vamp. This style in handmade leather shoes for men known as “open lacing” permits for a broader fit than an oxford, making it more relax option.


The Monk Strap Shoe

The monk strap shoe found huge popularity in Europe. Actually, the monks were most remarkably famous to wear these shoes during this period, which results in the appearing of the famous brand. Monks wore these shoes for further level of defense they offered matched to the sandals they generally wore. Actually, the monk strap had a hard time being located in either casual and formal ends of the shoe-wearing spectrum. Consider too formal for many casual atmosphere and too casual to be worn with a suit.


Loafer Shoe

Since loafers are casual shoes, most of them are Bake rapid stitched or black, while sporadically you can also find Goodyear welted loafers. While these are pretty bigger, they provide a further layer of cork, which makes walking in them a bit more relax though the shoe will also be larger. For casual summer, blacked stitched or unlined loafer might be perfect choice if you don’t intend to walk too much in them. On the other hand, if you are searching for a more robust multi-season handmade loafers for men, one pair full grain Italian leather handmade loafer is probably the perfect choice.


So go ahead and take your pick your style from the great line up of handmade leather shoes for men from Emillo Santo producing custom made high quality and stylish men’s shoes.