Handmade leather shoes

  • Complete Style Guide for Handmade Men Shoes

    Shoes are just a piece of clothing that we cannot do without. Wristwatches shunned, hats can be rejected, but shoes are a necessity. Anyway, despite this, many men chose to continue to show off fashionable convention with their footwear selections, and not just through the fame of socks with sandals. Continue reading

  • 5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Custom Handmade Shoes

    We share a very personal and interesting relationship with our shoes and selecting a pair of shoes is like choosing a friend. So, we always want the best for ourselves. In this regard, nothing can be more comforting and understanding than a custom handmade shoe Continue reading

  • Clean, Polish, Store, Protect Your Leather Shoes

    Shoes are one of your best companions and you have to take care of them if you really wish to enjoy their company for many years. Leather shoes especially need lot of care and attention and they deserve it too. To retain the gorgeous and lustrous look of leather, Continue reading

  • 10 Reasons Why to Choose Handmade Leather Shoes

    There are several reasons behind choosing handmade leather shoes. Some will talk about their style while others will vouch for their quality. The truth is that Italian styled handmade shoes for men have always had a fan following which is increasing day by day. Emillo Santo produces classy and high quality handmade leather shoes for men who wish to stand out in the crowd. Continue reading

  • Perfect Shoes for Men on the Wedding Day

    Men are often not strictly choosy about their shoes unlike women who do not mind spending half of the day looking for that perfect pump or stiletto. However, wedding day is a completely different ball game where men also wish to look their best and given a tight competition to the bride. Therefore, those glued loafers or fade Oxfords won’t do. A new and flawless shoe fitting the ensemble is required. Choose among the wide range of Italian handmade shoes for men which will suit your outfit for your wedding day. Continue reading

  • Custom Made Shoes on Valentine’s Day to Make Him Feel Special

    Valentine’s Day is round the corner and the lovebirds have started to sing. With the countdown already beginning with rose, chocolate, kiss, hugs and so many more ways, you must be thinking about buying the best gift for your boyfriend or husband. Emillo Santo has an incredible plan for you - custom made shoes in Italian style. This will be a great, stylish and also a useful gift for your boyfriend. Continue reading

  • Be the Coolest Dude with Monk Straps

    If you wish to be the coolest dude or the most stylish man in the bunch, you have to pay attention to your wardrobe details. Most men think about dressing up the bigger parts of their body like torso and legs but forget all about their feet. However, it is this attention to details that sets apart a stylish man from a regular one. When you need to create an impression nothing works like monk straps because they are stylish, sophisticated, and comfortable. Their glossy look and flawless finish gives you an air of authority in a meeting or makes you the alpha male of an informal gathering. If you own the Italian variety, it is the best.

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  • Try a Different Look this Christmas

    Christmas is that time of the year when friends and family get together and share a lot of love and joy with each other. This special occasion is made even more memorable with the sharing of gifts Continue reading

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