Did You Know that Loafers had an Amazing History?

Loafer slip-ons are a fashion institution in itself because no other shoe have been through so much and does not have an illustrious history like these do. There was the basic loafer made in 1936 and then there have been spins on loafers and there have been handmade leather loafers for men oozing style and class. Most of us love wearing loafers because apart from being classy they are comfortable too but how many of us really know the history of loafers?

Loafers have a solid Norwegian connection; are you surprised? Well, it turns out that the most fashionable and versatile American shoe is well associated with this Scandinavian country. Loafers were originally a staple of the Norwegian fisherman’s wardrobe. They wore handmade leather loafers with sides joined by a leather strip across the instep like moccasins. They looked comfortable and were actually comfortable to wear. This particular feature of leather strip is the basic of a loafer and remains the same. G.H. Bass made the first loafers in history and became a prominent brand in the shoe industry. His loafers were called the Bass Weejun Loafers. However, they used to be made only for men.

Blue Handmade Leather LoafersBrown Handmade Leather Loafers

Once made the leather loafers became instant hit and from college campuses to White House ministers everyone began wearing handmade leather loafers for men. Another aspect of the loafer that drew attention was that it could endure wear and tear. Men started wearing it without socks in 1960 though it was generally not the style back then but more a matter of convenience. The penny was the savior for the college guys. Post college men would wear leather loafers on informal occasions. They used to be generally brown in color, though some of the black versions were also kept for formal gatherings by men.

Elegant men also wore tasseled loafers which originated in England and later copied by Americans for a stylish look which also blended authority. Black loafers really came into the market and into the wardrobes of men during the 1950 when shoe designing saw a change in their manufacturing. Black loafers with refined lines and a glossy finish became the staple for the businessmen and came with a higher price tag. Soon Wall Street was full of men adorning black loafers to look smart, sleek and focused. It blended wonderfully with their suited appearance.

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