Clean, Polish, Store, Protect Your Leather Shoes

Shoes are one of your best companions and you have to take care of them if you really wish to enjoy their company for many years. Leather shoes especially need lot of care and attention and they deserve it too. To retain the gorgeous and lustrous look of leather, you have to put in some effort. After all, shoes are those essential luxuries for you which enhance your personality and also add glamour to your wardrobe. Choosing the right pair and treating them well is your responsibility. Emillo Santo manufactures superior quality handmade leather shoes and boutique assistant is always ready to advice you on taking care of the fine pair you just bought. It is always important to know which leather the shoe has been made from. It helps in deciding the cleaning process for you. To maintain a fine quality Italian leather shoe you have to clean it, polish and condition it, weather proof it and finally store it in the right place.

How to Clean Your Leather Shoes

  • Majority of shoe manufacturers and sellers sell in-house leather shoe cleaning creams. Do not forget to ask the shop assistant to tell you about it.
  • To sweep off the preliminary dirt from your shoe, take off the laces and brush the body gently.
  • Slid your hand under the flap to keep the upper part firm so that you can apply the cleaning cream or saddle soap on the leather parts of your shoes.
  • Use the brush you had used before to work the cleaner into the leather and pay attention to visible marks or scuffs.
  • Leave the handmade leather shoe to dry for at least 20 minutes before polishing.
Clean, Polish, Store, Protect Your Leather Shoes

Polishing and Conditioning Handmade Italian Leather Shoes

  • Conditioning is equivalent to moisturizing your shoes. Dab a dollop of conditioner on a cloth and rub it gently all over your shoe in steady and slow circular motion. This will prevent wrinkling and flaking of your precious leather shoes.
  • Polish your handmade Italian leather shoe with a lanoline-beewax polish which softens and protects simultaneously. Of course choosing a polish that matches the color of your shoe is important.
  • Wipe off the extra polish with a soft nylon cloth and see it shining proudly.
Clean, Polish, Store, Protect Your Leather Shoes

Protect Your Leather Shoes from Harsh Weather

  • To protect your prized shoe from harsh weather conditions, a spray on repellant is the best option.
  • Sponge your shoe with warm water to prepare it for the repellant spray. That increases the porosity of the skin for better absorption.
  • Water based repellants are considered breathable which allows extra moisture to dissolve for smooth finish.
Clean, Polish, Store, Protect Your Leather Shoes

Storing your Handmade Leather Shoe Properly

  • A cedar shoe tree is the best investment for storing your leather shoes because it soaks up disagreeable odors.
  • Once you have taken them off, stuff the toe of the shoe with butter paper and hang them from the tree.
  • This process will reduce shrinkage and creases on your shoes and extend their lives.