The Best Luxury Gifting Ideas for Men, Custom Handmade Leather Shoes

The type and make of any shoe can absolutely change an entire outfit, to the extent in which everyone notices them. A man of class goes for a luxury brand, be it handmade loafer, monk shoes, Oxford and Derby etc. A flawless and elegant pair of men’s shoes depicts style, attitude and success. The bespoke offers an ultimate quality of unique shoes crafted around the exact size of any foot to ensure it suits each individual client. With an array of outstanding classes of shoes, every man’s desire to walk with heads held up high is a reality not too far-fetched.

Handmade Men Italian leather Shoes - Emillo Santo

Emillo Santo's Oxford and Derby shoes serve the desire of every customer and with a two tone type of shoe you are sure to be the cynosure of all eyes. Entirely handmade , Emillo Santo employs its several years of expertise to create shoes of an excellent quality. Its legacy is full of reserves yet untapped. Being in the business of shoemaking for over 30 years, Emillo Santo is known for serving all royals, celebrities, professionals and in fact the most stylish men of the world. For sure, it is the zenith of distinctiveness.

Custom classic handmade shoes - Emillo Santo

Take a peep into the world of shoes made to suit the weather, event or merely one’s feeling. From swede, to leather, exotic skin etc. every one’s desire to own a distinctive shoe is available. Emillo Santo brings a touch of continental flair to the smart casual wardrobe with its brand of shoes. Slip them on with a well-tailored trousers for a look that is both sophisticated and yet very comfortable. What an ideal luxury gift for every man, agelessness elegance for the real man.

With a combination of class and finesse bearing in mind the craving of men, Emillo Santo Monk Strap shoe is a style of luxury handmade shoe with no lacing, closed by a buckle and strap which can be worn by all. It sure gives a feeling of sophistication and style. Perfectly proportioned for a timeless look of elegance, custom handmade Monk Strap shoes can be worn on an official outing or a casual one.

leather anniversary gifts for men - Emillo Santo

Once a customer tries on Emillo Santo brand of shoes, we are convinced that we have made a friend for life. The mission is to always create stylish, modern men’s shoes with distinctness in quality and timeless design. The creation of Emillo Santo shoes is a handmade process in which its artisans make use of the best quality of full grain Italian leathers. Every shoe is a unique piece, a masterpiece of handcrafted leather that is acknowledged and valued around the world. Indeed it is a feel of royalty, a deserving luxury gift for men.

Emillo Santo cuts no corners while crafting any pair of shoes sold. With the use of the finest leather carefully sourced across Italy, they craft each pair with their hands. Once they approve the quality of their creation, they progress to hand polishing and painting their masterpieces before shipping them to the customers. There is also a valid reason why Emillo Santo Shoes are described as luxury shoes. It is simply because each pair of shoes they craft features leather lining and an inner sole to ensure every customer's comfort with every step taken…No wonder it is described as the best luxury anniversary gift for every man. Custom handmade italian leather shoes are the best luxury gifting idea for men.

Handmade leather Shoes for Men - Emillo Santo

For a better feel of the luxury shoes that will surely get you noticed and to also get one for your family member, friends, colleagues and neighbors do contact the masters in shoemaking, Emillo Santos on or you could call telephone number +90 212 553 6326.